And before anyone thinks that two minutes on an exercise bike caused a three pound weight loss…

Since I have no salivary glands (thanks to the radiation treatments), I drink about a gallon of water a day. By the time I posted yesterday, I had already begun to make inroads into that gallon. So the three pound difference is water weight.

Normally I just weigh in the morning, but since my scale has gone wonky (must get new one), I’ve not been weighing daily like I should. So yesterday I had to step on it before I got on the bike so I’d have some idea of where I was.

This 143.2 is actually where I’ll be starting from. I want to get back to 132-135. I have a range there because the water weight can easily carry over from one day to the next morning, so I need a bit of wiggle room.

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One Response to 7/20/2010

  1. Tony says:

    Good to hear from you, and glad to see you're doing well. Weight loss is a slow and steady thing, and it sounds like you have the right idea for building your stamina back up. I look forward to hearing your progress!

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