7/19/2010 – Day One – OHMIGOD

146.2 lbs

OHMIGOD…two minutes on the exercise bike. Kill me now. This is gonna hurt.

I remember when, at one point when I was exercising, I rode 13 miles a day on an exercise bike and worked out with weights 3-4 times a week. It’s gonna be a long, painful journey just to get to five minutes on the bike.

Randall has to lift my right leg up so I can get it on the strap over the pedal, and my arms just about fell off my body after a minute on this machine. But…two minutes today…two minutes tomorrow…two minutes until I can do three minutes. Then four. Then five.

Then at some point we’ll stick the damned batteries in so I can see how far/fast I’m going. That’s bound to be depressing as hell.

Oh well. It’s a start and I really need this. No strength. No stamina. It’s past time to improve both. Not to mention lose weight.

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