It’s like exhaling a breath you didn’t know you were holding

My latest CT was last Friday (I had seen Dr. Mundy the day before), and I got the news today that it was clear! Man. I’m exhausted. :)

I know I don’t update this blog often, but that’s a good thing. A REALLY good thing.

My visit with Dr. Mundy was completely uneventful, and he asked that I set up a follow-up appointment for six months. He also said if this last scan came back clear that we’d move to a once a year scan.

So it’s 1 1/2 years out from my last radiation treatment, and this is really beyond excellent news, because after the first year, the chances of this cancer returning go down dramatically. To something like 30%. So, it is VERY good news.


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    W00t! Awesome news!

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